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February 21, 2012


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Garin Toren

As touch in cheek as I can make this: YACS: "Yet Another Consolidator Service"? Seriously though, for B2B I really think this can work. The EU is going wild about this idea right now. All the best.

electronic billing

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Daniel B

Nice article, my guess for YACS - Your Accounts Receivable Consolidator Site

Valerie Bruno

Great information, as always! BT Cloud and Invoice Central will be such a find for all our lower-volume billers as well - finally a company answering their needs!

Oh - YACS - Yet Another Constraint Solver?????

Amanda Swish

Yet another consolidator solution??

Flint Lane

The answer is "Yet Another Consolidator Solution". Partial credit to Garin. There was a compiler way back when called YACC which stood for Yet Another Compiler Compiler. Not sure why I still remember that.

invoice factoring 

Excellent details, as always! BT Reasoning and Account Main will be such a discover for all our lower-volume billers as well - lastly a organization responding to their needs!

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