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October 11, 2010


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Ramona Q Blackledge

My comment is this: It costs $5.54 to send certified mail. When it's unclaimed, USPO tracking will tell you when it was returned to the sender. The return date posted and the actual date you have it in hand is around 2 to 3 weeks! And that's from a distribution center only 90 miles away! The USPO should be replaced, revised or privatized. It's inefficient,unreliable and costly. And, depending on the location, its employees could care less about your problems - they usually blame the other location for any deficiencies. Very, very frustrating.


I am so concerned about the USPS going under due to all the other mailing solutions out there. My boyfriend is a mailman and he doesn't think its going to go under. He said its like how they have been trying to nix Saturday mail for years and they still haven't succeeded. It's going to be just talk for a long time. Hopefully!

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